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At elegantgiftplus,com you will find only high quality items from Italy.
The range of items we offer includes:
Sterling Silver Collection .925 Sterling silver collection,
such as frames, tooth fairy boxes, pacifier holders, medallions and other accessories; All these items will make every occasion a real big occasion. Our silver collection is handcrafted and has been... more
Hosiery Collection Our Hosiery Collection
from Italy will satisfy you with the exceptional quality and value. Microfiber hosiery is incredibly soft and fashionable, like a second skin for a perfect fit every moment of the day... more
Bath Collection Our bath collection includes
highest quality Italian line of Shampoo, Bubble Bath and Balsam Conditioner for babies from the well known Italian Company BEBE. The BEBE line of cleansing and daily care products has been specially... more
Gift Sets Too many to list
More highest quality items which will suite your everyday needs. Please contact us for the latest arrivals...