Paul Vallone 2009 Paul Vallone
Represents: Bayside, College Point, Auburndale, Beechhurst, Whitestone, Bay Terrace, Robinwood; parts of Flushing, Douglaston, Little Neck
What is the essence of our community? Is it the need to maintain our schools system and make it even better for the hope of our children's precious futures? Is it the ever present need to expand our overworked but amazing 2 police precincts? Is it the preservation of the character of our neighborhoods'? Is it finding a way to find a balance with the development projects always at our doorsteps and maintaining our residential way of life? It is all of the above and they all fall under the one umbrella that covers our precious district, it's about our quality of life and the preservation of what we hold dear.

At no time has this balance ever been more present in my life then now. Between the onslaught of commercial vehicles on our streets and the attack from cell phone towers from above, our ways of life are endangered the health and future of each and every one of us especially our children. Each month comes the realization that it gets harder to make ends meet when con ed, gas, water, real estate taxes, insurance, tuition and every other bill rises as our job security is threatened and at the very least does not rise to meet the new standard of survival not living.

But through it all, there is the serenity and peace that our beloved neighborhoods provide to us here in District 19. This is the battle standard I will bring forth in this campaign and continue with if I am given that honor and privilege. Just last week when walking through our streets during the Memorial day parades in Whitestone and Little neck, I was once again overwhelmed with the outpouring of good will and genuine old fashion red white and blue feeling that small town America claims to have strangle hold on. The streets were lined with generations of Americans showing their gratitude and respect for the men and women of our armed forces and to show why we always choose freedom and fight for it above all else.

So as I summarize the beginning of what I see as a new renaissance for our communities, I see a future bright with the path I want us all to choose. The road to preserving our quality of life here in District 19 goes through College Point, parts of Flushing, Auburndale, Beechhurst, Bay Terrace, Robinwood, Whitestone, Bayside, Little Neck and Douglaston. I look forward to meeting as many people as possible during my campaign and hope that I can prove to be the advocate for the people of District 19 for years to come.